Suburban Adventure Racing 

Useful Documents

These documents provide background information about the series and print-ready information sheets that can be copied and handed out to scouts/parents
  File Content
  Info Sheet 1 - Information for Group Leaders.docx Information for Group Leaders and Scout Leaders
  Info Sheet 2 - Information for Scouts and Parents.docx An information sheet that can be sent home to parents and scouts
  Info Sheet 3 - Information for Group Leaders.docx  
  Info Sheet 4 - Information about Street Orienteering for Scouts and Parents.docx  
  Park-Street Orienteering - A Proposal for Eastern District Scouting (1).docx What we're doing and why
  Suburban Orienteering - Proposal for Eastern Districts Scouts.docx A summary of the initial proposal
  Suburban Adventure Racing - Risk Management Plan.xlsx  


Are they Free?

Creative Commons License All of our maps are freely available to both scouts and the community under a
 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License

How do I Use Them?

When time permits, we'll provide instructions on how to use the maps below for your own activities. All of these maps are available in JPEG format - you can:

What Areas are Available?

Right-click on the link below and save the file to your local disk. If your area is not here, send an email to us - we may still be able to help you out.

  Area Scout Hall Link
  Mont Albert North 10/13th Box Hill Click Here
  Blackburn North   Click Here
  Blackburn South   Click Here
  Box Hill North   Click Here
  Burwood/Ashwood 1st Bennetswood Click Here
  Gardiner's Creek / Deakin University 9th Box Hill Click Here
  Heatherdale   Click Here
  Mitcham   Click Here
  Mont Albert North   Click Here
  Surrey Dive   Click Here
  Tunstall South   Click Here
  Valley Reserve, Mount Waverley   Click Here
  Vermont   Click Here
  Wattle Park   Click Here
  Yarran Dheran   Click Here