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Our weekly report provides results from the event and a detailed (and often humorous) report of the night's activities:

2014/15 Series

19 17 Feb 2015 Valley Reserve, Mount Waverley - lots of controls in the park with a bunch spread around nearby streets to provide a little distance for those that wanted to stretch their legs. Yes, some controls were really mean - but they weren't worth heaps of points and it was the only way we could provide a good distance in such a small area. Weather was good, the BBQ much appreciated - and so many little kids!


18 10 Feb 2015 Ruffey's Lake - a new map for the scouts - we've run on the East end of this map, but never the Western half. There were good facilities and BBQs at the start location and many people brought food and socialised after the event? This is an amazing start location - complemented by stunning terrain in the park. We were thrilled to have over 100 scouts register for the event! Combined with our regulars, this gave us a total turnout of about 160 people.


17 3 Feb 2015 Gardiner's Creek - starting from the Northern end of Gardiner's Creek provided a very different course - one which proved to be navigationally challenging.


16 27 Jan 2015 Yarran Dheran, Enter from Deep Creek Road. Happy Birthday Australia!

Yarran Dheran lived up to its reputation as the most wonderful bushland area on this side of Melbourne. A great evening made all the better by some wonderful helpers and so many enthusiastic families and kids.



15 20 Jan 2015 Heatherdale - the weather looks great- a wonderful evening for a run. Thanks to Bernadette Murray for setting this evening's course and to Lauris for mentoring Bernie through this process. The course was interestingly set and feedback from all was good. Results/Report


14 13 Jan 2015 Wattle Park - Apologies for the late report - it's there now! Results/Report
13 6 Jan 2015 Tally Ho - Happy New Year everybody! What a great way to start the year - in spite of having so many people away on holiday, we still managed to get a little over 90 people this evening. Thanks to everybody that brought family, friends and friends from work along to our event. Results/Report


12 30 Dec 2014 Burwood - the quiet time between Xmas and New Year...with so many people away on vacation, we were thrilled to see such a good turnout. Results/Report
11 23 Dec 2014 Blackburn North - it's Xmas! Thanks to all of the kids that came along to provide such enthusiasm and excitement. While scouts have closed momentarily for the summer break, the adventure series continues right through. Results/Report


10 16 Dec 2014 Surrey Dive - an evening at historic Surrey Dive. Even though the scouts have started their summer break and others are heading away on holidays, we still managed to get 80 people along. Results/Report


9 9 Dec 2014 Bellbird Dell - 21 degrees and a cool South-Westerly provided perfect conditions for this evening's run. The Girl Guides provided catering for the evening - a BBQ that even Dicko would be proud of. Thanks ladies.... Results/Report


8 2 Dec 2014 Koomba Park - the cool breeze that arrived around 6pm simply added to the joy of running in such a wonderful area. Results/Report


7 25 Nov 2014 Bennettswood - A wonderful night for urban adventures. We were joined by about 160 scouts, parents, leaders and regular attendees. Results/Report


6 18 Nov 2014 Blackburn Lake - The map was spectacular, the weather forecast perfect and the courses not too tough. Results/Report


5 11 Nov 2014 Ringwood Lake - we were joined by 5-6 groups of scouts and guides. It was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic young folk taking part. Thanks for coming! Results/Report


4 4 Nov 2014 Deakin University, Burwood - a wonderful end to the Melbourne Cup Day public holiday. While many were away for the long weekend, those that did make it to the event were rewarded with a brand new map and diabolical control placements. Results/Report


3 28 Oct 2014 Zerbes Reserve, East Doncaster - the rain held off for the evening and provided a wonderful evening for the more than 100 scouts and cubs that took part. Thanks to all of the folks that came along to help out. Results/Report


2 21 Oct 2014 Forest Hill - a beautiful evening for outdoor activities. A little warm initially, but it cooled down nicely by 7pm. From next week, we start to move out of streets and into park areas. Results/Report


1 14 Oct 14 Camelot Rise, Glen Waverley - a bitterly cold evening to start the new series. We were thrilled to see so many of our friends from last season come along to take part. Thanks to all of you - we hope you enjoyed the event. Results/Report

2013/14 Series

23 18 March Forest Hill - great turnout for this evening's course at Forest Hill. Click the link to the right to see the full report.
22 11 March Heatherdale - over a hundred brave souls ventured out into the rain (sorry about that....). Our first attempt at a children's course was met with some praise - thanks to all the kids that came along to take part.
21 4 March Deakin University - a 6-7 km run in complex terrain.
20 25 Feb Koomba Park - a wonderful area mapped by the Radio Orienteering folks who were kind enough to let us use their map and put our own logo on it.
19 18 Feb Westerfolds Park - We headed north to one of the nicest parks in Melbourne - Westerfolds Park...on the banks of the Yarra River.
18 11 Feb Blackburn Creeklands - 120 people attended this evening's event. With 16 controls in and around the creeklands everybody taking part had a great time.
17 4 Feb Surrey Dive, Box Hill - such a pretty area and one that was too good to waste. We invented a new format that encouraged people to spend most of their time navigating around the park. Results/Report
16 28 Jan Mitcham - a warm day with a cool change that arrived during the event. So looking forward to cooler evenings in the weeks ahead. Results/Report
15 21 Jan Vermont South - with nearby Bellbird Dell a major feature.


14 14 Jan Nicoll Park, Nunawading. A scorcher of an evening - dropping a few degrees later in the afternoon, but still hot. With the promise of all controls located in shady spots and water fountains spread around the course,  35 people turned up to take part in this shortened event. The chilled cordial at the end of the event was appreciated even more than normal. Results/Report
13 7 Jan Camelot Rise


12 31 Dec Wattle Park - closely spaced controls in a superb park area. Certainly, one of the nicer spots to run in the Eastern suburbs.
11 17 Dec Blackburn South - wonderful weather in a largely suburban environment. We still managed to make good use of nearby parklands for a total distance of 7.5 km - 8.5 km for the lot.
10 10 Dec Blackburn North - rain threatened but did not eventuate - so really pleasant conditions for a run. We were joined by a terrific group of Guides and a number of scouts that attended recent events and brought Mum and/or Dad along this week.
9 3 Dec Blackburn Lake


8 26th Nov Yarran Dheran, Mitcham. Wonderful weather and a relatively short course on one of Melbourne's best park/street maps made for a great evening. While there weren't many scouts this evening (they gave us the night off...), more than 80 others turned up. So good to see so many people that ran last year discovering that our series is on again and coming along.
7 19th Nov Station Street, Bennetswood - a superb hall in a nice setting. A beautiful evening - absolutely perfect for running. A record attendance of 180 people!
6 12th Nov Nunawading, Mark Place. Results/Report
5 5th Nov Damper Creek Results/Report
4 29th Oct Ringwood Lake. One of our best maps - a relaxed night with 70 orienteers taking part. Results/Report
3 22nd Oct Doncaster East. Horrific weather - but a terrific attendance from 80-90 cubs, scouts and leaders (and 30-40 orienteers). It rained and rained - but nobody seemed to care.... Results/Report
2 15th Oct Heatherdale.  Wow! More than 150 people attended last night and 140 of these took part in the event. With 5-6 cub/scout groups represented we were a little stretched - but everybody (including the kids taking part) pulled together and we all had a good time.

Wonderful parklands, wonderful weather, great kids and a really nice bunch of helpers - check out the full report

1 8th Oct Gardiner's Creek.  More than 70 people came to our first event - the spectacular Gardiner's Creek / Deakin Uni map - one of the best sprint maps in Melbourne! They weren't disappointed - although the course-setter had been gentler than anticipated and had used only one elevated control site we used both campuses and the parkland between them for typical course lengths of 5.6 - 6.5 km. Results/Report


2012/13 Series

Event Date Location Summary
24 26 March Box Hill North Our final event - thanks to everybody that stayed around for free BBQ and drinks. We've enjoyed your company over the past 6 months and look forward to walking/running with you again in the spring. We'll start up again on the first Tuesday in the next daylight savings period. We'll send a newsletter out soon to advise you of other running opportunities near you so you can keep fit between now and our next series.
23 19 March Mont Albert North As the days get shorter, we leave the parklands and return to the streets. Not as interesting perhaps - but still a great run in good company. With 50 scouts and 10 leaders in attendance we ended up with 110 in total. Thanks to 1st Heidelberg and 1st Ivanhoe for coming along this evening.
22 12 March Ringwood Lake What a fabulous area Ringwood Lake is! Starting from nearby Bedford Park, we were able to provide a 3-4 km score and a 5-6 km line course. Warmer conditions were moderated by the trees, the lake and the creeks that flow through the area.
21 5 March Mt Waverley Happiness is a new map! We've looked at Valley Reserve for years and wondered what could be done if we produced a map that did it justice. 65-70 people enjoyed running through the trees and along the circuitous paths within the reserve.
20 26 Feb 2013 Nunawading Heavy rain early in the day took the edge of the high temperatures we've been experiencing of late. Terrific to see enthusiastic attendance from 1st Nunawading and 1st Tally Ho.
19 19 Feb 2013 Blackburn Lake The second in our Scout Sprint Series - in the popular Blackburn Lake area.
18 12 Feb 2013 Wattle Park The first in our Scout Sprint Series - taking our already detailed maps to the next level. With such a wonderful area we were able to entertain and educate the more than 100 attending this evening. We're thrilled to see so many turn up week after week and grateful for the attendance of a terrific cub pack from 19th Camberwell. See the report for details, pictures and results.
17 5 Feb 2013 Forest Hill Many of us have run this area 20-30 times - and thought that it held few surprises for us. Those who took part in the event were confounded by fences, newly discovered open ground and diabolical control placements. Setting it was as much fun as running it!
16 29 Jan 2013 Blackburn Creeklands You've gotta love this area - wonderful parkland divided by a babbling brook (the creek was flowing quite well). Complemented by some of the best weather we've seen in ages everybody taking part seemed to have a great time. This was of course - in spite of appalling course-setting. See our report for the full confession...
15 22 Jan 2013 Blackburn North A wonderful run through the parklands adjacent to Melbourne's Eastern Freeway; 70 people and two cute dogs took part in this evening's event. Highlight of the evening was the arrival of two very fit and very enthusiastic runners who had found one of our controls earlier in the day and used the contact information on the control to get in touch with us and come along to the event.
14 15 Jan 2013 Purches Street The detail in the map confounded several runners; when printed at this scale (1:7,500) some information was still difficult to see (particularly if you had creased your map in the area of control 13).
13 8 Jan 2013 Damper Creek A wonderful bushland reserve in downtown Mount Waverley. With 10 controls placed in and around the reserve and cool running conditions, a great time was had by all.
12 1 Jan 2013 Gardiner's creek Sixty people took part in this evening's event - superb parklands, complemented by complex urban terrain around Deakin university.
11 18 Dec Bennetswood Our largest number of attendees so far this year. As word of our series spreads, the numbers are gradually increasing. It's so good to see the kids bringing Mum and Dad along to these events!
10 11 Dec Bellbird Dell A beautiful night in a bushland setting. The shady assembly area and Pierre's skill as our Maitre D' for the evening encouraged people to stay around and socialise after the event.
9 4 Dec Vermont Woods Rain threatened, but did not appear. A shorter course in a lovely area.
8 27 Nov Blackburn Creeklands Huge thunderstorms during the morning cleared up to provide a cool, fresh evening - perfect conditions for a run in a lovely area. Our thanks to Ray Howe and Ian Greenwood for helping to set up the course.
7 20 Nov Vermont Provisional results here - report coming soon
6b 17 Nov Blackburn Lake Our Saturday coffee shop session was moved to the afternoon, so we could share our run with 40-50 scouts and their leaders. Great weather and a map that just continues to get better and better - thanks to the scouts for letting us run this event. What an amazing group of young people they are!
6 13 Nov Mont Albert North 54 people attended this evening's event. A wonderful run through the parklands, hills and wetlands adjacent to the freeway in Box Hill North.
5 6 Nov Blackburn Lake A relaxed was to spend the Melbourne Cup public holiday - run through the paths around the lake.
4 30 Oct Yarran Dheran A warm night; a great area, a fabulous map - who could ask for more...
3 23 Oct Blackburn South Terrific conditions for a 9.7 Km max-distance run. Over 40 people turned up to take part. A great night on a great map!
2 16 Oct Mont Albert Torrential rain before the event limited attendances and drowned poor Ian Talbett, who looked like a water-logged penguin as he managed the parking that evening. As it turned out, the rain stopped within 3-4 minutes of 7 pm - our condolences to the early starters that braved the appalling conditions earlier in the evening.
1 9 Oct Mitcham Our first event for the 2012/13 summer season and our first use of a new scoring system to record the results of competitors. A couple of controls placed cunningly by Schon resulted in some good natured banter after the event. Interestingly, most of the folks present chose to take advantage of the early start times offered and headed out before 7:00 pm.

Previous Year's Results

Reports of events held last season.    These provide an excellent view of the types of courses we run and the enjoyment available to scouts, parents and local runners/walkers.