After every event, we publish a brief report that describes highlights of the event, tips and hints for people that had problems finding a control,
a picture gallery that shows people taking part in the event, a copy of the map and of course....the results.

The results are broken down by category so you can see how you went; by clicking on the link over the eTag number, you
can drill down and have a closer look at split times - ie how you did on each leg of the course

Scroll down to see more information on the result screens and GPS tracks

Reading the Results

Not sure what the result mean? Click on the picture above and all will be explained.

GPS Tracks

It's always interesting to see which way people went - and sometimes, it can be a little amusing. We use an online utility called RouteGadget to display GPS tracks for people that carry GPS watches or smartphones.

Uploading your GPS Track

If you have a GPS watch, you can upload your track into RouteGadget. Looking at the route choices made by experienced runners is always interesting.