Social Distancing Precautions

Sensible precautions if venturing outdoors


If unwell, stay home

Sore throat, headache, a cough or runny nose? Most of the symptoms of Corona Virus exposure are similar to those of the common cold or flu. Take no chances with your safety and that of others - stay home until you're condition has improved.


Be Prepared

Take what you need from home - a copy of the map, soap/handwash, some means of carrying your keys/phone. I also take a drink bottle filled with water; I like to rinse hands after using the soap/handwash.


Keep your distance

By all means be courteous to others you see along the way - but stay 3-4 metres back from them. Keeping your distance protects you from them and them from you.


Wash hands before and after the run

You may touch something along the way - for example, a gate post or latch.  Washing hands with soap and water or alcohol handwashing liquid reduces the risk of contamination.


Touch nothing

The Corona Virus can live on inanimate object for several days. If possible, avoid contact with objects you pass.

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