Who is that?

We're not just a running sport - we want to provide a social activity too!
Please introduce yourself to the people doing the same course as you and check out the brief
intros below - perhaps one of our participants has similar interests to you?

Geoff Hudson

A retired engineer (I.T. and Telecommunications) - Geoff sets many of our courses and provides tech support.

Schon Hudson

Schon is the methodical person in our crew .
She looks after registration and finances.

Bill Henley

District Commissioner, Scout Leader, helper.
Bill has done it all for more than 30 years.

Lauris Stirling

Our Head Coach - a Cub Leader with more than 30 years experience. Lauris guides the development of training materials and coordinates youth training at our events.

Ian Talbett

Ex-DSL, currently Scout Leader and key helper for our series. 
Entertains all comers with his sometimes bizarre sense of humour. 

Greg Andrews

Greg has been involved in Scouting for more than 30 years - and recently was awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Long Service Medal. (Sadly we don't provide Long Service Leave).

Bev Trease

Bev does not have a beard

Merve Trease

Tina Smith

Currently infirmed - but expected to recover quickly. 
She said she hoped to be vertical soon.

Vic Sedunary

Peter Chen

Ainslie Cummins

Katherine Dent

Ian Stirling

Ron Frederick

Stan Gurman

Allan and Pat Miller

Peter Dalwood

Pam King

Mike Hubbert

Lyn Green

Simon Ryan and Alicia Dymowski

Phil Torode and Ros King

Dennis Mews

Pat Mews

Peter Maloney

Peter Brooks

Andrew Hunter

Denise Pike

Dianne Shalders

Stephen Bird

Graham Wallis

Jim Glaspole

Team Kozma - Adisa, Martin, Neo & Angelina

Andrew McGrail

Barry, Dave and Jackie

Charli and Mary

Geoff Adams

Anne and Fiona

Sue Gurman and Julie Wood

Clan Spicer - Sally, Dean and Arnold (with Harrison Coates in blue)

Tanya Panter

Shane Bogemann and son Daniel

Braeden Edgar

Ainslie and Claire

Darian Panter (file photo)

Team Edwards - Darren, Patrick and Adrian

David Stillwell (VP Silly Walks)

Monica Lo Presti

Pierre Brokner

The White Family - Pamela, Matthew, Cameron and Duncan