Whitehorse isoGaine


Gently undulating terrain with a good network of bike tracks and quiet suburban streets. Lots of coffee shops and bakeries if required.

Please be cautious crossing all roads - particularly Canterbury Road and the major North-South roads Station Street, Middleborough Road and Blackburn Road.

Essential Information

Download the Map (Full map - A3)

or Download A4 Pages:       Page 1 (Western Half)          Page 2 (Eastern Half)

Download the Control Descriptions

Finding the Map in MapRun:
            Use Select Event
            Select Victoria > RunFree > VRA 
            and select 
                        => isoGaine 2020 Run Start Anywhere 10-07-2020 PXAS ScoreQ300  (to walk/run)
                        => isoGaine 2020 Ride Start Anywhere 10-07-2020 PXAS ScoreQ300  (bike)

            or...if near the map and you have cellular coverage - try Events Near Me.