About the isoMap

New to Maps?

The training pages on the VRA's Suburban Adventure Racing site provide an excellent introduction to the parts of a map and the symbols present.

Basic Information

Map Scale: All of our maps will be printed at 1:20,000 scale (ie 1cm on the map = 200 metres on the ground - about 2 minutes walking). 

Contour Interval: is 5m on most maps. Very steep areas such as Donvale may use 10m contours to make the map more readable.

Printing the Map; download the map to a USB stick and take it to OfficeWorks. An A3 colour print on 250 gsm paper is about $2 at Officeworks.

Symbols Used

The table below shows the symbols used on the map (© ISO 2020 symbol set). These are broken into three types:

Area Symbols - e.g. fill colours and patterns. The colours show you the type of terrain that you are approaching. If it's green, the shade of green tells you how dense the undergrowth is. If it's dark green...don't go there. If it's blue, it means water....don't go there either.  

Line Symbols - e.g. roads, tracks, watercourses. Pay attention to line symbols - following a line symbol (sometimes referred to as a handrail) or series of line symbols is a great way to move from one control to the next. 

Point Symbols - e.g. buildings, playparks etc. 

1) Boundary roads are identified, but internal roads are not. Keep track of where you are on the map.