MapRun - an app for
 iPhone & Android Phones 

Download & Install

Before leaving home; download the latest MapRun app from the App Store or Google Play. The current version is call MapRunF.

Adjust Settings for best results

Both iOs and Android phones conserve battery by turning off services that they don't think are critical. Often, they turn off the GPS or limit the ability of installed applicationsto use it.

Make sure that power saving mode is disabled; make sure your phone is fully charged before you start. If you have any concerns, take a portable battery pack along and feed your phone if it gets hungry.

Create a Profile

If this is your first time using MapRun, load it up and create a profile - you enter basic information such as name, phone number and date of birth.

Press Events Near Me; on pressing this button, MapRun will search for events in your area and display a list so you can pick one.  Alternatively, if you know where your event has been stored, you can press Select Event and drill down to find the event. 

Start the Event

On the screen above, press the Go to Start button; MapRun displays a screen something like the one to left.  As you can see, I've visited zero out of 87 checkpoints, the last control punched is None and I've still got 6 hours left. 

The tiny red dot shows my current position and the position of nearby controls (and the start location S1). If I now move to any control, the event will start and the remaining time field will count down.

Visit as many as you wish, in any order and return to the start. As you reach each control, the hone will beep (if you have the volume turned up) and the control just visited will be displayed in green.  To finish, just return to your point of origin (ie where you started the course - the first control you visited) and MapRun will record your finish time and upload results

Other Notes:

Viewing Results. The results button allows you to see other results on the same course as you. If you want to see another course within the same event - visit the website at To find your course more quickly, enter iso in the filter box.

If your results don't upload correctly, press the hamburger menu (the 3 horizontal lines) in the top right corner and select Manual Upload. 

Upload to Strava; there is also a Strava upload capability in the hamburger menu. If you're a Strava user...give it a try.