What's an isoGaine?

It's an urban rogaine

You get a map on which a series of checkpoints are shown.

Visit as many as you wish, in any order and return to the start.

High numbered controls are worth more than low-numbered controls. How many points can you get in 6 hours?

Isn't it just a Metrogaine?

In a typical Metrogaine, we bring 300-400 people together and they all startabout the same time. In Covid-World, this is no longer possible.

Start Any Time; you start at a time suitable to yourself. When you're ready to start, just press the Go to Start button in the MapRun App and head to the nearest control. Your time starts when you reach the first control. Note that all courses are set up as START ANYWHERE - while there is a start location marked on the map, you can start at any checkpoint....and the old start becomes a normal checkpoint worth a lot of points. 

Run, walk or ride; in a metrogaine, you are allowed to use public transport. In the isoGaine, this is not permitted....partly because there are risks associated with public transport but mainly because we think you need the exercise.

Less paper-handling; in a Metrogaine, there is a multiple choice question associated with each checkpoint. The paperwork generated by this process introduces paper-handling that is not welcome at this time. The isoGaine uses a mobile phone application to record your track and which checkpoints you visited.

Start Anywhere

You don't have to drive to the start location; if you live on or adjacent to the map, you can  simply walk onto the map. The first control you reach becomes your start/finish location and the start shown on the map becomes a high-scoring control.

This means that you can pick the nearest control to you and start there - thereby minimising travel to and from the activity.

How is it Scored?

We use an app called MapRun to record your track and which checkpoints you visit. As you reach each checkpoint MapRun will beep and display the number of the control you've reached. 

At the end of the event, you upload your result and check out how you did compared to others.  See the About MapRun page for more details.

How do I get MapRun?