isoGaine 2020

Exercise locally - until restrictions are lifted, you can only use these maps/courses if you live on or immediately adjacent to the map.

Exercise safely - practise navigation - keep fit.

The first of a series of navigational exercises for walkers, runners and cyclists - 87 controls in the area between Box Hill and Blackburn; get as many as you can in 6 hours or less. Checkpoints are distinct features in the landscape - features that you will spot easily as you approach a checkpoint. 

Scoring is done electronically - using a SmartPhone App called MapRun (although, we can accept GPX files from those that use GPS wristwatches). 

Brought to you by the vRA (virtual Rogaining Association), July 2020.

But first - please scroll down and read the safety instructions below.

Be COVID-Safe!

Protect others; if you're feeling unwell or exhibiting any symptoms, stay home.

Exercise locally; do not drive long distances to one of our events. If there's nothing near you, get in touch and we'll fix that! We're hoping to produce a series of isoGaines - one per week during the current lockdown. We'll spread the activities around or point you towards an alternative - there are huge numbers of outdoor activities now on offer.

Do only that which is necessary; recent statements by our Premier Daniel Andrews note that we should limit exercise to that which is necessary to keep fit. On that basis, we would encourage people to limit the time spent on our isogaines to 1-2 hours. We'll provide an overlay product to accumulate your efforts to produce a virtual result.  Do shorter/faster sessions to get as many controls in a shorter time.

Prepare well; you're heading outdoors for 1-2 hours. You need to avoid contact with surfaces and other people. Avoid congested areas, drinking fountains and public toilets. Use hand sanitiser - before you start and immediately after you finish. Take food/drinks from home.

Be courteous to others; this is tough for everybody. If you see others on a trail, run off-piste or step aside and let them pass.

Social Distancing is critical

Keep well away from others - 2m is OK, but more is better!

View Stage 3 Lockdown Regulations

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