isoGaine 2021

 A series of free rogaines in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs.

Rogaining is a great team sport - ideal for scouts and families that want to explore an area on foot or bike. This site provides a number of metrogaines that can be done alone or in small groups. Checkpoints are distinct features in the landscape - features that you will spot easily as you approach them. 

Scoring is done electronically - using a SmartPhone App called MapRun. The MapRun pages here provide an overview of  MapRun, how to install it, how to use it and how to see your results and that of others.

But first - please scroll down and read the safety instructions below.

Brought to you by the VRA (Victorian Rogaining Association), October 2020.

Be COVID-Safe!

Protect others; if you're feeling unwell or exhibiting any symptoms, stay home.

Exercise responsibly; please respect the government regulations - they are there to protect you and your family. In this initial release, we've got 3 isoGaines - Monash, Whitehorse and Manningham. 

Walk, Run or Ride - you choose; while each of the isoGaines provides a 6 hour walk/run or a 5 hour ride, you don't have to do this much. You pick the course, you decide the time. Note that many of the control placements will take you through parks and along bike paths/tracks. please be courteous to others and continue the social distancing precautions that you're now well used to.

Prepare well; you're heading outdoors for a while. Avoid contact with surfaces and other people. Avoid congested areas, drinking fountains and public toilets. Use hand sanitiser - before you start and immediately after you finish. Take food/drinks from home.

Make sure your phone is charged!

Social Distancing

Please avoid others - 2m is OK, but more is better!

View Current Regulations Advisory - Stay Safe and Well

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