Suburban Adventure Racing and local Scouts support Road Trauma Support Services

Each year nearly three hundred people are killed on Victorian roads. Another 18 are seriously injured every day. Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV) is committed to providing understanding and support to all those affected by these tragedies.

Sincere thanks to everybody that came along and donated their time and money
We raised $165 for RTSS as a result of this event

If you'd like to see the full report on this Suburban Adventure Racing event at Yarran Dheran - click here.

Mill Park Lakes - 2 Hour Enduro - Sunday 1st May

Melbourne Skyline - 30 Km South


Looking for an enjoyable Sunday morning run - with easy access to nearby country areas and some excellent lunch spots. Good running around Mill Park Lakes and the nearby State parks.

Spectacular views from the ridge lines that surround the area - well worth the walk up there (and we give you points as a bonus too).

Reserve Sunday 1st May now - for more information see the streetO website (below) or call Geoff on 9888 8121.

OK, start course planning now

April Rankings now Online

Our resident mathematics wizard, Ray Howe, collects stats from all of the street-orienteering series and collates these periodically. While he started out to do this to measure his own performance (and to track the spiral dive in this as he gets older), he thought the rest of us might be interested to see what it says about us. While the results might not be quite what you expect, read on - Ray provides a lucid argument for the approach put forward, but would be more than happy to take feedback and apply this to future rankings.

Check out the Rankings page to see how you fared

There's no better time to Join the VOA than NOW!

Most of us are pretty smart with numbers (if you're not and you're taking part in our Night Series Score're already in a heap of trouble...). Many street-orienteers think the annual $70 membership fee for singles is a bit steep - but this is not really the's why:

  • Full OV members get access to discounted Season tickets.  For winter (Monday or Wednesday nights) you will pay just $72 (compared to $120 if you pay the normal $4 for each event).  This is a saving of $48; even more if you attend 2 nights and/or Saturdays!
  • These same members will get a similar discount on the Summer Series saving at least $32 - more if they run 2 nights.  StreetO regulars attending twice a week throughout the year will save around $190 per year.
  • So your OV membership effectively costs you nothing.  And you will:
    • Get a glossy magazine from Orienteering Australia - while it's often full of information about people none of us know, it also contains some really interesting articles on overseas running, excellent articles on diet and nutrition for runners and some really useful training/physiotherapy articles.
    • Get a slightly less glossy magazine from Orienteering Victoria - which often contains information about local clubs, people you run with and other articles written by folks right here in Melbourne.
    • Get huge discounts at bush or mountain-bike orienteering events - typically $6-10 per event.
  • In addition to this:
    • OV paid for me and several people to take part in an excellent training course. While the cost per attendee was $160 - OV paid half and my club paid the other half.  I attended an interesting, well-run course for nothing!
    • OV also subsidises other courses and lobbies the government on our behalf. When we started the Northern and Southern Series, OV officials lobbied the State Government to provide us with the startup capital we needed to get it going.
    • Government sponsorship is highly dependant on participation by members - the more members we have, the higher the sponsorship - so please help us to provide you with a better, stronger sport by joining Orineteering Victoria.

How to choose a good running shoe

This week's New Scientist has an interesting interview with Benno Nigg, the sports scientist who helped design David Beckham's Predator boot. He suggests that "Cheap sports shoes can be as good as expensive ones" - see for the complete interview.

Winter Calendar

Don't key all 100 Events into your diary, computer or PDA... See the Emus Orienteering Club download page if you'd like to download the fixture for the current series in any one of a variety of formats...instructions for loading into MS Outlook, PDAs, iPhones etc. iCal format included for those folks that use Google Calendar

MS Outlook Format Google Calendar iCal Format

Millenium Club Dinner and Presentations - this Wednesday Evening


 (1) Presentation of the badges, key-rings and framed certificates to the six members who have achieved Legend status during the last 12 months. (2) Presentation of badges to the six new Companion members and  (3) Presentation of badges to the ten new Associate members. (4) The introduction of an annual award to acknowledge the street orienteer completing the highest number of events in the 2010 Street-O year. Retropective presentations will be made to the previous 10 winners (2000 – 09).  (5) Street-O Trivia Competition #3.

To join the fun and frivolity contact Ray or Dale Howe at a Street-O event or at [email protected] or on 9841 6816 by Friday 1st April, 2011.  Note: Dinner orders must be made before 8:40 pm

Wednesday 6th April, 2011 in the Bistro of the Shoppingtown Hotel, Williamson’s Road, Doncaster (Mel D12)
Commencing at 8:30pm (after the Autumn Series White’s Corner event)

Heyington Heights - Missing Exchange Student

Tonight around 60 new people attended in a number of groups including cubs, scouts and a soccer group.One member of the soccer group, a Korean exchange student (who's name is Ice) failed to return and was subsequently reported missing to organisers at 9pm. Trying conditions including rain sodden control cards meant that this wasn't raised sooner. In fact it wasn't until School Staff noticed 2 people huddling around a car that they were told that someone hadn't returned. Members of the ARDF group were BBQing on Scotch College grounds when alerted by Matt Manning and Ian + Debbie Dodd. Quick acting on the part of the ARDF group saw 4 groups, (7 people in total including 2 on foot and 1 on a push bike quickly mobilised. The map was divided into areas and a list was taken off all searchers mobile phone numbers. Communications is our speciality and thus Amateur Radio was also used to communicate between the groups. We set out at about 9.15pm and by 9.45pm Bruce Patterson on push bike found the student who answered to the name "Ice" at Heyington Train station.

Some lessons were learnt on our part such as searching until x.xx pm, rather than for xx minutes.. thus a definitive time is set. We also floated the idea of these inexperienced groups holding a list of phone numbers for each person in their group. The student didn't have a phone on them and his friends had to make several phone calls to even get in touch with his host family home. Thanks go out to all involved in the search efforts. (Perhaps it could also pay to offer these experienced groups a piece of paper that states what we expect of them: everyone must return to the finish to "sign in" also what they can expect of us: We will go looking for them if they don't "sign in")

I'm glad it wasn't me that had to call out for "Ice" at the train station, rumour is that Bruce was offered several other substances before the student was found..

Ray and Dale Return Home - Rankings now available for June 2010

Welcome back Ray and Dale!!  Our on the spot reporter was there to welcome them home - it seems (see picture - left) that Ray gave in and let Dale go Duty-Free shopping after all. Apparently, this was because Ray did not want to disappoint those of you that await the rankings each month with interest (and trepidation) and traded this concession for permission to come back before the June rankings became due.

Ray and Dale will be there tonight - press here to see how you fared - and then complain to Ray tonight if you have any concerns. Get him while he's jet-lagged - once he's back up to speed, you have NO chance.

Free Maps DVD to all Monday Night Course Setters

Some time back we scanned a huge number of streetO maps from years gone by - and sorted them into a series of directories. All past courses for each streetO map are stored in an appropriately named directory - and each course provides a prospective course setter with 20 control locations that have been used in the past. Armchair course-setting has never been easier - with 15-20 courses in many directories our budding course-setter could have as many as 300-400 control locations. All he has to do is pick which ones s/he wants, drop them onto the latest version of the map and drive around to make sure that they're OK - ie still there and on the correct side of the road.

There are a limited number of Monday Night Courses still available - talk to Debbie Dodd to reserve your course - and don't forget to pick up a copy of the bonus DVD while you're there!

2010 Fixture - available now for MS Outlook and your PDA/iPhone

If you would like to load the Winter fixture into Microsoft Outlook, your PDA or a mobile phone, just visit the Emus Download page at . We've transferred all coming events into a file that can be imported into MS Outlook - detailed instructions on how to do this are available on the download page.

Park-Street Millennium Club

 Many of you may have enquired about the Millennium Club - a VOA sponsored initiative that recognises longer-term participation in our sport. Organised by Ray Howe, this award system provides recognition for street-orienteers that have done more than 500 events since 1st January 2000.  Several classes of membership are currently on offer - see for more information.

Legend Member : Participates in 1000 Street-O events since the start of this millennium (1st January, 2000) and will be regarded as a full member of The Millennium Club. Legend members will be presented with a special TMC cloth badge(1000), a special TMC(Legend) key-ring and a Certificate of Recognition. Legend members will be identified with a number which represents the chronological order in which they have qualified for The Millennium Club.  Companion Member: Participates in 750 Street-O events since the start of this millennium (1st January, 2000) and will be regarded as a provisional member of The Millennium Club. Companion members will be acknowledged with a special TMC cloth badge(750). Associate member: Participates in 500 Street-O events since the start of this millennium (1st January, 2000) and will be regarded as a provisional member of The Millennium Club. Associate members will be acknowledged with a special TMC cloth badge(500).

OCAD Mapping Tips and Hints

We recently added two articles to the OCAD pages associated with our site -

Adjusting the Map Scale in OCAD 8 - will be of interest to those of you that draw maps and set courses. Very few of our maps are set up correctly - in most cases course setters experiment to find out what seemingly random value they have to key in to get the paper copy of the map to come out at 1:10,000. This brief tutorial explains how OCAD map scales work and provides a few steps to adjust the internal scale so that your map prints correctly.

Using Part of an OCAD Map - will be of interest to course setters that want to use part of a larger map. Cutting out just the portion of interest allows one to size the map to fit the page thereby making the map all the clearer.

You're all invited to our end of season dinner after the Bennetswood event
on 5th July

Please let Schon know if you can bring a plate - main course, salads or desserts - all appreciated

Lots of good food....and great Cookies....
(now get me out of this silly suit!)

Event 12 - Highbury Hill by Haley Towers  (the map is here)

It's good to see that in spite of being the shortest day of the year, that so many turned out to take part in this week's Monday evening run. Once again, the weather was perfect for running and while it was a tad dark at the assembly area, our resident electronics guru Ian Davies turned up with a portable street-light (in reality, it's much better than the ones in our street - so bring a good torch to the Bennetswood event on 5th July). The evening's course was set by Haley Towers - and was her first attempt at setting a course. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did Haley - the course was quite challenging and offered a huge number of variations - it was terrific to see people coming from all different directions as you ran through the course.

 Tonight's event was provisionally taken out by Kristian Ruuska - although Kristian was running off a provisional handicap of 9 - so we'll need to adjust this substantially before his next event. Congratulations to Tina Smith who, after coming back from injury, has continued to improve week on week - so much so that she keeps over-reaching the handicappers ability to pull her back in line (although rumour has it that Vic faces the same issue on a regular basis). Other interesting results included:

  • Ian Dodd was first back - and it seems as if he's taken our warning about winning three times in a row to heart - as he returned to the start with less than his target score.
  • Peter Kempster and Debbie Dodd, who have been dead centre of the field (Ray calls it the median) in recent weeks moved up several notches to take out 7th and 8th places. Sadly, this means their handicaps were adjusted to move them back to Mr and Ms Average (sorry....median) once more.
  • Lots of folks were late back - interestingly, most got their target points - but (like me) didn't realise that they were in time trouble until it was too late. OA magazine editor Michael Hubbert later reported:

The announced "indeterminate" scale was spot on - the East-west Scale was 1:13,100 while the North-south scale was 1:10,400 (we all thought that Highbury Rd looked a lot longer than the map showed). It's also worth noting that the North arrow pointed to "indeterminate north" - neither True North nor Magnetic North.

While it has been suggested that BK put horizontal and vertical scales on ALL of their maps in future, this is probably not necessary. It's probably worth reminding people about how to adjust the print scale in various versions of OCAD available and to warn those that use photocopies or JPEG images in drawing programs to be aware of the issue. Perhaps coordinators could remind course setters of the need to check both EW and NS scales in future (and as Mike suggests - it's an orienteering map - so the North arrow really should point to magnetic North).

  • Daryl Holland and Glenn Woodhead continue to hold their places in the top part of the field - but we expect this will get tougher as their handicaps converge to a value that is more suited to their capabilities.

Monday Public Holiday - Enduro Results - now Available

What a perfect day to enjoy a run in and around the beautiful surrounds of Yarran Dheran - and over 100 competitors agreed, in a record turnout for a 2 hour urban Long Distance event.  Phil Torode and Mark Besley provided a real challenge with their clever course setting, and the hilly terrain took care of the physical side.  Careful map reading was required in some places, so maintaining concentration for the full 2 hours was vital.  The creek-side bush tracks were a delight to run along and many runners commented that they had spent the majority of their run moving through parklands and only occasionally moving through streets as they moved from park to park. Results for this Event are available Here.

Ray's Rankings - now available for April 2010

Thanks again to Ray Howe for updated rankings - press here to see how you fared

Wally Cavill Wins tonight's Handicap Event - Claims the Coveted Yellow Jersey

Well they say that "every dog has his day" and earlier this evening Street-O stalwart, Wally Cavill, proved this to be true by taking out line honours in the Mont Albert Score event run by Ray and Dale. Congratulations to Wally - and commiserations for future weeks when his handicap drops to lower levels - and he has to walk further to complete the course.

The event format is working well - although the general perception is that we should shorten the events a tad (or at the very least, raise Peter's handicap so he can complete a course without injury). It's certainly exciting to be at the finish and see groups of walkers and runners sprint into the finish - providing each person with a challenge that suits their capabilities compresses the finish into a tighter timeframe. The bulk of people finished between 7:50 and 8:00 pm this evening.

The timing system is now working well - please keep your tags and bring them along to street-O events in future. I'll make a point of bringing it along on Wednesday as well - as this will provide consistency for those of you that forgot to swipe at the finish (interestingly, only a small number missed out - see the provisional results on the Monday Night pages.

Monday Night - Mont Albert - please bring your wrist band/eTag

After a couple of low-key tests, the electronic timing system used on Monday evenings is ready to go into production. We'd like everybody that takes part to check-in before the event - by swiping their tag and then check-out by swiping at the finish. This provides timing information for our handicapper, Ray....but more importantly, it tells us how many people are still out on the course - and who we're waiting on.

For those of you that have only ever run the Mont Albert map from the Balwyn end of the map, we have a special treat. Many of the new Monday Series events use start locations not previously used - and this Monday is one of them. The start location in Hamilton Street offers exist to the North-East and South via Hamilton Street - and an exit to the West and North-West via a tunnel underneath the station. To prevent confusion, study the master map - better yet, go check out the tunnel and the streets on the other side as part of your warm-up.

Millenium Club - Presentations and Awards - Wednesday 14th April

All members of the Melbourne Street-O community are invited to The Millennium Club Membership Presentations and the Melbourne Street Orienteering Awards on Wednesday 14th April, 2010 in the Bistro of the Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel at 8:30 pm. (after the Templestowe Heights event)

The Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel is situated opposite Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre in Williamsons Road, Doncaster. The Bistro will extend its hours to accommodate dinner orders before 8:45 pm.  Presentations to new and upgraded members of The Millennium Club during the past 12 months AND some special Street Orienteering Awards will commence about 9:30 pm. Please register your intention to attend this occasion by seeing Ray or Dale Howe or ringing 9841 6816 or email [email protected] by Friday 9th April, 2010.

NEW - Monday Night Andy Capp Series a Raging Success

When Ray said he wanted to run an Andy Capp Series, I just said "yeah sure Ray....whatever...". In the spirit of the original Andy Capp, I assumed it had something to do with drinking beer after events and that didn't seem all that unpleasant. I was prepared to give it a go.

Lots of others had obviously thought the same - because everybody was there tonight (pisspots...). There were looks of surprise everywhere and I heard several people saying "Ohhhh.....handicaps!!!" People read the notice board containing the current handicaps in much the same way you skim read the obituaries - you hope that your name isn't there and if it is....that it's not you they're writing about. There were periodic mutters of  "you bastard Ray..." and wail of grief every now and then  - although most people seemed to rise to the challenge....I mean, how hard could it be to get 37 points?

Then we turned over the map...

This was clearly a conspiracy between Janet (who's one of the fastest walkers) and her sister Rachel (who runs like a gazelle...and as she shot past me today, I prayed that Ray had recognised this and given her an appropriate handicap). Mark Besley realised pretty early that our "run rate" was too low to gather the required points and suggested that we'd have to go in early. As it turned out, we both managed to collect the points required and got in before time - so the course lengths/handicaps seemed pretty close. (Mark advises that his courses next week are shorter). This week's winner was DROC's Jay Kerley - running off a handicap of 9 (Hey Jay - if you read this, can you bring the yellow top along on Wednesday so we can get a picture of you in it?)

All joking aside - this is an interesting concept. 25 controls provides a more enjoyable event for all - not putting out controls means that folks can hang around and socialise with one another rather than picking up controls (although, I was inundated with offers to pick up controls this evening). The handicap system provided by Ray is very interesting - it allows those of us that struggle to keep up to do a course that suits our capabilities, while offering longer courses to those that are capable of doing more. There are, of course, issues with any new innovation - and it will take us a week or two to iron out those that we've picked up at tonight's event - if you have any suggestions please send them in via email - we'd be grateful for your opinion/advice.

We expect to have the first results up tomorrow night - with next week's handicaps available later in the week. We've got a new set of data - all we have to do is build the software to capture and publish it for your enjoyment. Back soon....

Thursday Night - Final Event - Results now Available

It took us a few days to modify our software to handle the extra 5 controls. The results are now available on the Thursday Night/Northern Series Page.

Canterbury Trails does it Again...

While it was good to see that last week's Canterbury Trails map had been updated and the print quality was superb - did anyone notice that the horizontal and vertical scales were quite different (well done to Mike Hubbert who was the first to mention that the vertical scale was 1:9,480 and the horizontal scale 1:11,800 - I wondered why the run home from #7 took so much longer than expected). This generated some amusement when last this happened - and people went to great pains to update the map and fix the scales...but alas, this issue creeps back in every now and then. Please - when adjusting a map to fit the page, DO NOT USE THE STRETCH MAP function in OCAD. Adjust the print scale in the PRINT dialogue box - if the map has been correctly calibrated (and if it's not - see our OCAD pages on how to do this), then everything will be resized appropriately - both horizontally and vertically.

Controversy Rocks the Northern Series

For those of you that ran in the heat and the hills earlier in the week, the Thursday event at Greensborough managed to fix one out of two. The conditions were perfect for running - cool, clear conditions - as we ran along the creek and through the parks on this well set event, we realised that few events get much better than this. There were, however, several upsets in the results - causing at least one long-standing orienteer to reconsider his tenure in the sport. For full details, see the Event Report at

Ian Greenwood Retires from Street-Orienteering

Well it's official - Ian's retired to Papua New Guinea to start up a street-orienteering series in Port Moresby. The whole Street-O community was buzzing with comment on Monday evening. Even people we thought wouldn't have known Ian were aghast and saying "have you heard.......". Ian's threat to make a comeback was received with jocularity - and he was warned to make sure that he was good form if he did so as Dale was enjoying being treated as a celebrity and would be keen to stage a return match. All Monday evening, people came up asking "Did YOU beat Ian Greenwood and force him into retirement?" and by the time Dale finished her response - people were saying how fantastic she was and offering congratulations. As she passed other runners during the event, people waved and shouted congratulations. Several street-O notables have approached Dale to put her on their A list.

A second defeat would see you back to Port Moresby Street-O forever or maybe Christmas Island Street-O as suggested by a few pundits last night. Thanks to Ray Howe for this report - for those of you that were concerned about his poor performance on Monday night, Ray reports that he was concerned about the heat and took money on the off-chance that another ice-cream van might cruise past during the event. It was only as he approached control #5 that he realised that he had dropped his $2 coin and had to run most of the way back to #20 (top of hill) to find it. Rumour has it that Geoff Hudson saw a heat-stressed and ice-cream deficient Ray leaving #9 and tip-toed up behind him as he approached the finish; he was most grateful to Ray for letting him pass - otherwise he would have been tail-ender for the evening.

.....but, when the fallen youngster crossed the line, in last place,
the crowd gave him a greater cheer for finishing the race. 
And even though he came in last with head bowed low, unproud,
you would have thought he’d won the race, to listen to the crowd.            by DH Groberg

Confession is Good for the Soul...

From Ray - - - "Just in case you believed my PR machine after last nights event that I had completed the B Course in "World record time", I thought I should issue a new media release this morning"

On closer scrutiny of post race evidence it is revealed that Ray Howe did not complete the B Course (only 17 controls). He failed to check in at #8 as planned and then failed to check in at #15 in order to rectify the earlier oversight. (See map/scores at )

This declaration is made with the expressed purpose of ensuring that my wife gains the appropriate public recognition accorded to any woman who is able to beat her husband (partner?) in such a high profile sporting event. If such recognition is not forthcoming then the sharing of domestic duties will become significantly skewed towards the male partner.

The only saving grace for the male partner is that this serious loss of concentration occurred during the Thursday event where history says that the scoring penalty is: to be placed at the bottom of the scoring sequence, unlike the brutality of the Wednesday scoring system. It's nice to know there is still some compassion left our sport :)


Ray's Rankings - now available for December 2009

Thanks to Ray Howe for updated rankings - press here to see how you fared

Summer Series Calendar now Online

We've updated the calendar on the Street-O Homepage. If you would like to load all these events into Microsoft Outlook - or into your PDA or phone - then visit the Emus Download Page to get the data. We've tested this on a number of Outlook Versions and various PDA types - just be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

OCAD Mapping Tips and Hints

We recently added two articles to the OCAD pages associated with our site -

Adjusting the Map Scale in OCAD 8 - will be of interest to those of you that draw maps and set courses. Very few of our maps are set up correctly - in most cases course setters experiment to find out what seemingly random value they have to key in to get the paper copy of the map to come out at 1:10,000. This brief tutorial explains how OCAD map scales work and provides a few steps to adjust the internal scale so that your map prints correctly.

Using Part of an OCAD Map - will be of interest to course setters that want to use part of a larger map. Cutting out just the portion of interest allows one to size the map to fit the page thereby making the map all the clearer.

Maxi 2009 - Creswick Diggings

Provisional results, map and analysis now available - click here

Legendary Poet (with thanks to Mrs Prez)

If a Legend you want to become,
Then you'll have to get up off your bum
And join us at Street-O
On four nights a week-O
(But on Fridays you don't have to come)

Saturday Morning Fun Running - Brunch-O - 10:00 AM at Glen Waverley

Instead of sitting on your tush,
You should head to Shepherds Bush.
This Saturday morning Debbie Dodd
will run again the map we trod.
Your previous score it can be beat,
So run with us, then come and eat 
           (see below for details)

Millennium Club Launch Dinner

The Millennium Club has been formed to acknowledge and honour the long serving participants of Park and Street Orienteering in metropolitan Melbourne. The first Members will be inducted at the official Launch. A dinner and presentations will be held on Wednesday June 3rd, after the Greythorn event. The venue is the Bistro at the Shoppingtown Hotel (opposite Westfield Doncaster) Williamsons Road, Doncaster. Dinner from 8.15pm, presentations at approx 9.15pm. All orienteers are cordially invited to come for dinner, or dessert, or coffee, or a drink, or the lot!

Please register your intention to attend this occasion by seeing Ray or Dale Howe, or ringing 9841 6816, or emailing [email protected], by Friday May 29 2009.

Click here for more information about The Millennium Club

This Wednesday Evening - Smith's Dell

There is an issue with parking for the Street-O event on Wednesday 27 May.  The east side of Widford St opposite Anderson Park (Mel 59 G3) is now Permit Parking - ie effectively not available.  Down the hill in Anderson Rd, south of the park, there is quite a bit of (angle) parking on the north side of the road.

Last Wednesday Night Event - how did you go last time?

We believe tonight's map was set by Judy Hopkins back in August 2004 - and thought it would be interesting to see how those of us who took part back then did compared to tonight's run. If you've been around for a while, check out how you did at I spoke to Vic Sedunary on the way round - he noted that last time he got the lot - and managed to finish the course within time. It will be interesting to see how he's improved (or not) in the intervening 5 years.

Announcing the 2009 Maxi 3 Hour - 13th Sept 2009

An ideal event for newcomers to Bush orienteering - we encourage experienced orienteers to find a friend/street-orienteer and use this event as an introduction to bush orienteering. The event caters for both beginners and experienced orienteers - the moderate control placements are well suited to those learning to navigate while the longer time allowance lets experienced orienteers stretch their legs and have a longer run than normal.

Individual orienteers and teams of 2-5 people navigate their way through the bush to visit as many controls as they can in a 3 hour period. Controls are worth varying points, taking into account difficulty of navigation and distance travelled. Navigation is medium difficulty, and route choice is very important.

Your entry fee into the Maxi includes refreshments after the event - the Maxi has a well deserved reputation for terrific weather (ie warm Spring conditions), well set courses and terrific catering after the event. Check out for an information sheet and entry form. But hurry - early bird entries close soon!

Local Orienteers Support the Victorian Junior Squad

Thanks to everybody that came along...

What a terrific day! Cool weather that cleared to a fine day, one of the prettiest start locations that we've used in a while, a new map and a course that was long enough to provide a good run for most, but not too long as to be arduous for those that travel at a more moderate pace.

Over 80 people turned up - raising around $800 for the Junior Squad. Sincere thanks to everybody that travelled out to Berwick for the event - the tales of steep descents, people lost in the park and the atmosphere at the end of the event assured us that everybody enjoyed their run.

Click here to see the results. We'll provide photos and a more detailed report later in the week.

There's no better time to Join the VOA than NOW!

Most of us are pretty smart with numbers (if you're not and you're taking part in our Night Series Score're already in a heap of trouble...). Many street-orienteers think the annual $60 membership fee is a bit steep - but this is not really the's why:

2009 Winter Training Runs Commence

Thirty six people took part in the first Monday Night Training Run for this season. The conditions were perfect, the pace was fast and the company was good! After the event a number of those present headed to a nearby pizza/pasta joint for a bite to eat. To see the full report, check out the Monday Night Fun Run Pages for this event. These events are publicised on the Monday Nights Page ( ) - with the next event appearing at the bottom of the street-O Home Page.

Load the 2009 Winter Fixture into Outlook and your PDA/phone

If you would like to load the Winter fixture into Microsoft Outlook, your PDA or a mobile phone, just visit the Emus Download page at . We've transferred all events into a file that can be imported into MS Outlook - detailed instructions on how to do this are available on the download page.

Recent Sunday Events

Archive Material

Studley Park - Where did the winning runners go?

Many of those taking part in last Wednesday Night's Studley Park event found the course quite challenging. Check out the links below to see where the winners went...

A Course

B Course

C Course

D Course

E Course

Power Walkers Course

Next Week - bring a torch (and if you plan to stay back for awards, bring warm clothing to change into)

Ray's Rankings - now available for March 2009

A few of our faster participants (Blair Trewin, Matt Schepisi, Connie Gardner) have just reached 20 events for the past 12 months. With 20 results counted they have soared up through the rankings and pushed many of us down 1-2 places. Thanks to Ray Howe for updated rankings - press here to see how you fared.  Remember - you get a better ranking if you run in smaller events. Those of you that score a score in the low 80's on Tuesday/Wednesday nights will probably get a 90+ on Monday or Thursday.

Street-Orienteering comes to Geelong - every Thursday from 5th March

Did you hear about Park and Street orienteering on 774 ABC radio on Saturday morning? If you want more information on Park and Street orienteering in Geelong - then download the brochure here. This brochure provides a link to the fixture with times, places and all you need to know to get you going. 

Park and Street Orienteering runs 5 times per week - every week until the end of daylight saving. At $4 per event, it's reasonably priced - you can run or walk - it's a great social event for adults and kids - and a terrific way to shed weight and get fit. If you want more information on Park and Street orienteering in Melbourne press the Newcomers Start Here link or visit the Orienteering Victoria website for details of these and other events in your area.

28th February 2009 - Birdlands Reserve Fires - Captured on Video

A fire bomber works on the fire in Upwey yesterday.

A close friend that lives adjacent to one of our best orienteering training areas - Birdlands reserve at Upwey - provides some footage of the aerial efforts to contain the blaze. The pictures show just how bad the flying conditions were for the pilots concerned. We thought it was might like to have a look too...they may take a few moments to download...but well worth the wait:

            Elvis drops his load at the bottom of our garden



Events Cancelled this Weekend - Orienteering and Rogaine Events Cancelled

Due to the continuing risk of bushfires in the districts adjacent to Lal Lal State Forest and Mount Doran, both the rogaine (scheduled for Saturday) and the Australian Masters Orienteering events have been cancelled. The organisers of both events will make arrangements to provide refunds to all participants. In these difficult times - please be patient - and allow the folks that have put so much effort into organising these events, the space/time to do this as they think appropriate.

In the meantime, if you still need a run this weekend - why not join us on a Saturday morning training run - to be held at 9:00 am in Jells Park, Glen Waverley.  Enter from Waverley Road and park in the bottom carpark (the one opposite the restaurant etc). After the run, we'll have coffee/breakfast at Madeleine's Restaurant. To make sure that we've got enough maps, please let us know you're coming by sending an email to [email protected]

Melbourne Street-Orienteers prepare for the approaching Canterbury Trails Course

Those of you that ran the Canterbury Trails map last year (the one with different scales in the North-South and East-West directions) will appreciate our new map bags...

1st February - Street-O Rankings for February 2009

Thanks again to Ray for updated rankings - the independent assessment of streetO performances has generated a lot of interest and much discussion. Like the recent growth in use of GPS units carried by many runners, it looks at our sport from another perspective - offering even more material for pre-run and post-run discussions. Press here to see how you fared this month.

You get to smell a better class of runner in the Northern Series...

Next Thursday's Northern Series event is in Westerfolds Park - in Templestowe. This is a magnificent map, made even better by recent updates to include landscaping efforts of Parks-Victoria staff. Enter the park from Fitzsimmons Lane - there's plenty of parking, toilets and BBQs at the start location. The course is being set by the DROC folks - so expect a course that makes excellent use of the parklands with only the longer running courses venturing far out into the Southern Streets.

For those with kids and prams, Westerfolds has plenty of tracks - so the going is easy. Dog-owners should note that Parks-Victoria require dogs to remain on-leash while in the park. The park closes at 9:00pm daily (although I believe that the exit gate allows people to drive out after this time - we'll check and advise here).

Thursday events start at 7:00 pm and offer all of the courses that you're familiar with from other series. The series offers a low-key, friendly atmosphere and provides refreshments after each event to encourage people to stay around for a few minutes and chat to others about their course.

8th January - Street-O Rankings for January 2009 now available

Thanks to Ray Howe for updated rankings - press here to see how you fared.

9th December - VOA President threatens legal action against the Thursday Northern Series

Dateline Melbourne - The following Press Release has been issued from the office of the President today-

 Current Orienteering Victoria President, Ian Dodd, has, today, announced an unofficial enquiry into the source of photo captions placed by person, or persons, unknown on the Northern Series Street O website.  The President commented that "once the offenders are identified they will be required to answer for their insolence and, after a fair review of course, will be severely punished". It's rumoured that this harsh reaction might have resulted from the President's poor running performance recently and the suggestion on the website that he was looking somewhat "chunkier" than previous. VOA Board members have gathered around in support and will limit the quantity of pizza consumed by him at future Board Meetings. Attendees at Saturday morning training runs will watch with interest to see if our President comes along on Saturday mornings to get in an extra training run each week. Watch this website for weekly progress reports on his return to form... 

5th December - Ray's rankings updated to December 2008 ranking went up!! Ray has now updated his rankings for the last 12 months. Several recent arrivals in the streetO scene are soaring up through the ranks as they accumulate the required number of events to get them a credible aggregate score.     Click here to see how you fared...

Western Thursday Series - note the changed start location for next week's event

December 11th Wyndham event starts from 8 Lockhart Ct, Hoppers Crossing.  Melway 206 E4. Please note that this is the final event for this series and that presentations/food will be available after the event.

30 Nov 2008 - Ian Greenwood provides captions for the Thursday picture gallery

If you haven't tried out the Northern Series - why not give it a go? Many of the events are set adjacent to either the Eastern freeway or the Western Ring Road, providing relatively quick access to people from a wide range of areas. As a result of being quite small this series offers good scores and relaxed running in some of the best terrain in Melbourne. If you're tired of the flat areas in the Western Series or the over-developed suburbs offered by the Eastern and Southern Series, why not join us at Westerfolds Park, Ruffey Lake Park, Merri Park or Edinburgh Gardens for a run through Melbourne's finest parks. As added advantages the series offers free refreshments after each event and a detailed report on the website after each event  - - - - this week's picture gallery provided with the report features captions by DROC's Ian Greenwood.

November 2008 - Street-Orienteering comes to Google Maps.

Check out this excellent use of Google Maps to illustrate the location of street-orienteering events being held in Melbourne. Use Google Maps to see if there's a street-orienteering event near you - thanks to Ash Petersen for setting this up.

5th November - Ray's rankings updated to include October events

They clicked on the link with some dread,
Not knowing just what was ahead.
They looked with a frown,
To see they'd gone down,
...and thought, when I see him he's dead!

Ray's cruelty as a scorer is renowned - and he produces his street-O rankings to torment us even more. There have been some meteoric rises up through the ranks as summer series runners have come out of hibernation and taken part in recent events. Click here to see how you fared...

26th October 2008 - Night Orienteering Entries now Open

If you would like to take part in this exciting event - navigating through open terrain one Saturday evening, then check out the 2008 Night Orienteering Home Page.

26th October 2008 - Summer Series Fixture now available in MS Outlook Format

We've set up the recently released Summer Series Fixture in MS Outlook format - so all you folks with PDAs and mobile phones can drop the entire set of events into your desktop and/or mobile Calendar with a minimum of fuss. Please see the link in the Useful Services section below (and yes would be really good if you could read and use the instructions this year ;-) ) 

26th October 2008 - DROC Enduro Results

The weather was perfect for today's run around Mount Waverley - in contrast to the forecast 31 degree scorcher, we were treated to a cool, overcast day, with periodic light showers to cool us down during the run. Thanks to the more than 80 people that took part in this well organised Adventure Race - the funds raised will be used to sponsor juniors taking part in the Victorian Orienteering Squad. Click here to see the results of this event.

11th October 2008 - Ray's Rankings System Goes Online

Want to see how you rated over the past 12 months of street-orienteering? Check out Ray's Ranking System - a new service provided to all street-orienteers by one of our keener runners, Ray Howe. We'll include a permanent link to the rankings page in the Street-Orienteering Services Area below and we'll provide updates as they become available. In the meantime, enjoy....

This Saturday, 11th October - Saturday Series Final Event  - a feature event to be run within the 100 Acres Reserve in Park Orchards

Team-O comes to Park Orchards!  Find a partner and run/walk in a pretty but testing woodland area called The 100 Acres.  Start at 2pm from Domeney Reserve (Melway 35 E9).  All pairs receive two maps - one for each competitor.  Each map shows about half the 25 controls, with a 100 point score format.  Each competitor carries a 25 control score card.  The team will need to plan a meeting point on the map and plan a meeting time to swap over maps in order to maximise the team score.  The team's combined score is halved to fit the usual score format. (Single competitors can also enter but will be at a slight disadvantage as they will have to return to the start to collect the second map.  Courses are PW/A/B/C).

Don't forget to bring a plate for the 2008 Cake-O finale, with the Series Presentations, Melway draw, and afternoon tea.

Royal Exhibition Building. Photo: National Trust of Australia 5th September 2008 - Sprint Event

A glorious day running through Exhibition Gardens and Melbourne Museum. Carlton Gardens and the nearby streets provided fast running, quick decision making in pleasant surroundings. For full report and results of today's event - click here.

14th September - 2008 Maxi 3 Hour Report and Results now available here

31st August - Winters End Sunday Special  - Results now available here

15th August - Peridot Theatre Group are performing  “Losing Louis” a comedy by Simon Mendes da Costa.   A number of street-orienteering folks had dinner in Mount Waverley and then went to this show. Both were excellent. Thanks to Lauris Stirling for her efforts in organising this night out.

10th July - Toorourrong Reservoir event Toorourrong Reservoir results now online. The newly mapped area adjacent to Toorourrong Reservoir provided excellent running for 70 people that took part in last Sunday's event - the new area offers a 400-500m wide strip of well defined spur/gully terrain approximately 3 Km in length. Of interest to those training newcomers is the presence of a fence + road along the Northern boundary of this area - this offers a straightforward exit strategy for inexperienced participants that might get confused in the terrain below. Thanks to everybody that came along to help - we were most grateful to folks like Sue and Stan who provided refreshments and to Judy who - although injured - came along and took charge of the finish table.

9th July 2008 - Maribyrnong Maxi results now online

6 March - Sunday's Mt Beckworth SILVA NOL / State Series / Badge Event - Start times from 8.30 to 11.00 am (instead of advertised 10.00 to 1.00 pm). After consultation with the organiser and course setter, it has been decided to bring the SILVA NOL starts forward by one hour, and to start the state series / badge event from 8:30 as well. State Series / Badge starts on courses 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will be from 8:30 to 11.00am; and for courses 1, 2, 3, and 4 from 9.00 to 11.00am

Hopefully we will be able to clear the forest by early afternoon, which is the preference of the Parks Victoria person. No BBQ or open fires and no hotplates with gas cylinders. We know that some people will object to starts finishing at 11.00am, but given the expected mid-day temperatures of 35+ we think it is in the best health and safety interests of all competitors. The organisers strongly recommend that you carry your own water bottle with you on the course. 

6th Feb '08 - Map Shortage at Valley Reserve - our apologies to the Power Walkers for the shortage of maps this evening. For those of you that didn't get a map - here is the evening's map - perhaps you could print it out and try again if you feel you were disadvantaged unreasonably. We'd be happy to take name + time + score from anyone that walks the map in the next week or two. We'll publicise the results here. (Please be aware that we do take such things seriously - the disappointment felt by a course-setter that has worked so hard to set an event and inadvertently runs short of maps is quite severe - the good-natured responses from many that missed out on a map or formed informal groups to share a map were sincerely appreciated. Thank you).

7 Feb 2008 - Bush Orienteering Comes to the Suburbs - 6pm this Thursday.

This Thursday Night's event is a Feature Event - commencing at 6pm, attendees will be invited to run a 1.5 - 2 Km sprint course around the park. This 10-15 minute course will be a good warm-up for the main event - the park/street course that starts at 7pm. It will also familiarise folks with the layout of the park - quite worthwhile as 5-6 of the park-street controls are within the park.

There will be orienteering equipment/pictures on display - plus free handouts of magazines and information about bush-orienteering and other orienteering activities in Victoria. Afterwards there will be refreshments to encourage people to stay around and socialise with others that have taken part.

Entry to the sprint course is free - a portion of this superb full-colour map is shown to the left. If you would like to have a go...please be there between 6:00 and 6:30 pm. Training/assistance will be available - but please come early.

Northern Series comes South

Hands up everybody that enjoys the Thursday evening run...

This Northern Series participant in the power-walking section is in no doubt - the Northern Series offers trees, lots of interesting things to smell and even offers off-leash areas where dogs can stretch out and have a bit of a run while their human carers continue at a walking pace (although rumour has it that VOA President, Ian Dodd is monitoring this behaviour case somebody manages to train a dog to run ahead and punch the control card for them).

This Thursday's run is at Bulleen - nice and close (Map 32 G7), as last run of the week distances are usually shorter and the weather forecast is great - showers clearing during the day for a top of 21 C. Perfect weather for a run.

Why not bring your dog along - Pippy's not afraid of competition!

Found - One set of keys.

If they're yours, please see Geoff Hudson at any event or call him on 9888 8121.

Attention all Power-Walkers. Rumour has it that the VOA President has been checking out some of the "power walkers" whilst he has been competing in PW recently and is about to issue "official warnings" to a number of competitors for employing styles that are "not within the spirit of this division".  In his sights are many of the leading male "walkers" some of whom are adopting dodgy "scampering" styles of walk, particularly when they are returning close to the late time.  

16 Jan 2008 - Dog Attack. At least one of our runners was set upon by two small dogs at the Lilydale event last night. Reports later that evening noted that the dogs were in the front yard and that, in spite of yelling advice/commands to the dogs, the owner had no control over them at all. Said runner did try to intimidate the dogs by lashing out at them and chasing the more aggressive one away - but didn't actually manage to land a blow. A call from an irate husband later that evening suggested that somebody did actually kick one of the dogs.

If this ever happens to you we offer the following advice:

10th Jan 2008 - Hot Weather Policy - while we've made a point of reducing course-lengths during summer (as much as is possible), it's worth pointing out that runners in scatter courses really don't HAVE to do the required number of controls to get a place. An example might help - if B course is supposed to do 15 controls and you decide it's too hot and only get 14, then your card will be placed after those people that did 15. Obviously, if there's others out there that did 13 controls, then they will be placed after you. Note that this is not a new policy - this is the way that scorers have been asked to score events for several years now...if you're good enough to go out for a run and don't quite get all controls, we acknowledge your participation positively by giving you a place in the event.

Finally, please be sensible during hot conditions - wear hat/sunscreen, take a small water bottle with you and slow down/walk if appropriate - and, by all means, come in early if you wish to do so.

29th Feb - Wednesday Night Scores now online - great job Ray (even though you DNF'd me for not noticing the compulsory controls until it was too late). For better or worse, we just have to go with the results that are there - as sifting through the various issues and mitigating factors possible proved more complex than a simple 1 hour walk/run has any right to be. It is, after all, a best 6 out of 11 series - if you don't like this will fall out of your best 6 (and if you do, then well done...everyone deserves a little luck now and then). To go directly to this week's Wednesday Evening Results - Click Here (or follow the menus as usual).

5th Jan 2008 - Exhibition Buildings, Carlton; Geoff and Jun ran an entertaining event in the Carlton Gardens. Featuring a new map in ISSOM 2007 format, this event took entrants through a series of line-course loops within the gardens and then allowed them to use the remainder of their 60 minutes to gather 25 controls in the streets to the North of this area. The format was fast moving and fun and everybody that took part enjoyed it. Several then retired to nearby Lygon Street for iced coffees and light lunch.     Full report available at

Northern Series - Wildlife Highlights! Several runners in the Northern Series event run by Alan Davis on Thursday noted that they had seen kangaroos, wallabies and a family of hares as they took part in the event. Now that's not something one sees very often in the other park-street series...

Street-Orienteer wins deposit on house at Kringle-O!! The presents were all carefully wrapped and distributed to participants. An unnamed orienteer (Rick Bailes) had brought along a special present for Ian Greenwood - one weighing several kilograms. None of us wanted to get this in an instantaneous swap of presents, so we introduced a 10 minute embargo on present-swaps to allow Ian to get well away from others with his present. 

As it turned out, Ian passed it to Graham Wallis about 12 minutes into the event - Graham carried it for a kilometre or so and passed it to Geoff - who passed it to Reg, then Mike then back to Geoff. Marta found Geoff struggling under the load at the Eastern end of the map and was kind enough to take it for 8-9 controls until Fitz provided her with some additional material to carry. Interestingly, John found it tucked under a bush and brought it to the finish so we could present this deposit on a new home - one housing brick - to a lucky orienteer.

22nd December - Kringle-O. Thanks to Judy and Geoff for the Kringle-O event on Saturday. Terrific fun followed by an enjoyable morning tea courtesy of Judy and Louise and others that were kind enough to bring a contribution along too.

11th December - Sorry Gals, it's Guys Only - Vic Sedunary has titled his Northern Series course for this Thursday in this way as he's put ALL controls on guy wires. Carrying on the tradition of shorter courses for the end of this week run (established last week...), Vic has produced a 3 km D course with 8 controls (compared to the 5-6 normally offered). B and C courses offer stunning route choice (much more than the "clockwise" or "anticlockwise" route choices occasionally encountered ;-)). This is a thinking course - one that will be exceedingly popular with Power Walkers as the shorter distances will make so many more controls reachable by them.

December - Thursday Night courses will be close by for the next few weeks. Most of the events will be between the Eastern Freeway and Bell Street - and lower traffic volumes during the holiday period should make access easier. Work off the Xmas Pudding - join us for a light walk/run on Thursday evenings..

18th November - Monash Campus Challenge - a terrific event set on a stunningly good full-colour map. Approximately 100 people turned out for this feature event and enjoyed a run through the complex area of Monash University. Results available here...

2004 Summer Series

Week 3 - The season is off to a flying start. The first Tuesday night event was run this week with the only issues being a little confusion on the map scale and a couple of questionable control placements; the Western suburbs crew are continuing the social atmosphere that is so popular in that series - providing hot and cold drinks to those that have taken part. With the Eastern Series now in its 3rd week, we had an excellent turnout (about 240) at Yarra Bend but fewer on the Thursday event at Glenfern Run - a shame really, because the start location allowed us to run on the Eastern side of the map - a much nicer area for running in than the semi-industrial area to the West that is normally used.

2004 Night Series

Week 10 - Do you ever have one of those events where everything went wrong, where you thought afterwards that you should have stayed home? Series handicapper/scorer Mark Besley had one at Autumn Night Series event 10 (Boronia Bay). Mark's run started normally enough. However, near control 14, Mark was running along the edge of the road (due to the poor condition of the footpath). He became engrossed in the map and ... BANG! ... ran straight into the back of a parked car. Unfortunately the car was a station wagon, so Mark's nose and upper cheek made contact and started bleeding profusely. Not daunted by the incident, Mark decided to continue his course. About fifteen minutes later, while running along a particularly dark street, Mark's torch refused to turn on - blown globe and of course, no spare. In the confusion, Mark got briefly disoriented on the way to control 16, losing more time. Despite all this and the time getting perilously close to 8:00 PM, Mark still thought himself capable of "popping around the corner and picking up control 15" after crossing the railway near control 10. Needless to say, he returned to the finish, left side of his face covered in dried blood, two minutes late. He would like to thank all those who enquired about his welfare after the event. - - - - - If you were thinking that Mark deliberately put in a bad run to avoid having to promote himself to A Course Division 2, now you know the true story ...

The Street-Orienteering futures meeting held last Friday evening attracted papers from 5-6 people and more than 20 people attended to hear these and discuss same. A brief summary of key points was produced by John Sheahan. This paper will be sent to the VOA for longer-term consideration...but it is likely that the current/short-term recommendations will be actioned in the near future.

Week 9 - We had 125 competitors on this night. This is an all-time record (by a significant margin) and really shows how the night series is growing in popularity.

Results for the very enjoyable 75/150 minute score event organised by Dandenong Ranges Orienteering Club. Held in cool, crisp conditions in the picturesque areas north of Ringwood, this event provided an innovative concept known as macro-micro orienteering. Participants were given 150 minutes to navigate their way to a series of suburban controls - interspersed by areas of parkland in which 'finer' navigation skills were required. The overgrown bushland in some of the parks presented a challenge for many of those taking part - a good introduction to bush-orienteering techniques for those that had not done this before.

6th May - Ian James; at Bulleen, Event 6, the map provided more than the average set of challenges. This was reflected in my rather pathetic score on the night. However, one of the more challenging aspects of the course, was provided by the area surrounding the take-aways near the start on Manningham Road.
Those of us foolish enough to get drawn by the apparent short-cut (or the smells wafting from Hungry Jack's) ran across the smooth paved open area and were confronted by a densely vegetated and seemingly impenetrable, terraced series of retaining walls. I recalled this hazard from a previous event in the area, but the memory tablets hadn't 'kicked in' at that stage and I followed Suzy Speirs and John Sheahan towards the base of the walls where it appeared to be more climbable. What transpired next left me in no doubt that chivalry is still alive and kicking, even in orienteering. John leapt up the stone terrace, but not before offering a hand of assistance to Suzy. Ah, I hear you ask, did he extend this service to the rest of us following? No, as it turns out, he didn't! As I stumbled onto the path at the top of the wall and watched the rapidly diminishing forms of John and Suzy, I contemplated the cruel twist of fate and shuffling of genes that caused me to be a bloke!

Why include information about Nillumbik Emus? Because I think (warning personal opinion follows....) they're really nice people trying to build a good orienteering club in the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. They take pride in the fact that they are one of the strongest bush clubs in Victoria and their commitment to running well organised events for orienteering participants is well recognised. In contrast to many orienteering clubs - where newcomers come and go without realising how much the club could offer, NE provide a framework for new-members - that offers training, involvement in organising events and mentoring from more experienced club members. In addition, NE provides an excellent environment for families with children - it's no surprise that NE provides 4-6 budding young juniors to our state team each year. Right now, Nillumbik Emus is attempting to play more of a part in the street-orienteering series - if you're not a member of a club yet, then give this club serious consideration. If you're in the Northern/Eastern suburbs - contact Geoff Hudson on (03) 9888 8121 or at any event for a complimentary NE newsletter - this will give you a good overview of the club. (If you're in the inner-Eastern or bayside suburbs - consider Bayside Kangaroos. If outer-Eastern suburbs then Dandenong Ranges Orienteering Club is an excellent choice - for information, I'm a member of all three of these clubs - and much of the above applies to all of them).


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