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Organising an Activity

A guide to the things that you may need to consider
when organising a navigational activity for Scout groups

Before the Event

You're probably going to need help with things like transport and running the activity - particularly if it's for joeys or cubs.

Click the icon above to see sample plans and some of the resources available.

During the Event

There's lots to do once you arrive onsite - roll call, organising teams, briefing them on the activity and sending them out on the course.

Such events are a great opportunity for a BBQ if you have helpers to organise this - cubs and scouts love a sausage after a run.

After the Event

The debrief is the most important
part of any navigation activity. It looks at where teams had trouble and to discuss alternatives that might be better in future. 

Understanding why mistakes are made and how to avoid them is an essential
part of the learning process.

Before the Event

The Paperwork

If you plan to hold the activity at a location other than your Scout Hall, you need to complete the administrative procedures for an Out-of-Hall activity. This is generally done via the "Out and About" System.

Letter to Parents

We provide a sample "Letter to Parents" that provides the details you might need to provide. Please feel free to download it and modify as required.

Alternatively, you could enter details of your activity into Operoo and use it to notify parents of the activity and the assistance that you require.

Familiarise yourself with MapRun

We use a smartphone application called MapRun to record teams' progress around the course and the checkpoints visited. We strongly recommend that you install this application and try it out before your activity. 

See our MapRun Page for more information.

Our activities can be run without MapRun

We use a smartphone application called MapRun to record teams' progress around the course and the checkpoints visited. We strongly recommend that you install this application and try it out before your activity. 

See our MapRun Page for more information.

Print the Maps

We generally provide both colour and black and white versions of the map; you can print colour at Officeworks for 35-40 cents (or black and white for 10 cents per page). 

Use the instructions on the map to load the required course into your phone.

Complete your Activity Plan

You need a plan - an ordered list of the things you need to do and the briefing that you will provide to leaders, parents and youth members.

Our activities pages provide a number of skills training activities and games that can be used to learn, practise and demonstrate nvaigation skills.

You have your map, you know how to use MapRun and you've got a bunch of parent helpers. All you have to do now is run the activity!

During the Activity/Event

Arrive Early

Strongly advised! The last thing you want is to arrive onsite and be met with parents and youth members all asking questions. Arriving early gives you time to cope with unexpected issues.

Have a plan (see our sample programmes), check the assembly area, set up your activity and be ready for first arrivals.

As Scouts Arrive...

Car-pooling is encouraged; some parents may be unable to stay for the activity. If so, they need to know when to return.  We suggest 2 hours after drop off - 15 minutes briefing, one hour for the activity, 15 minutes to discuss how they did and then 20-30 minutes relaxation, BBQ, parade.

Check Scouts/Parents in; record names/phone numbers where available.

Build Teams/Brief them

As Scouts arrive, organise them into teams.
=> Cubs - groups of 3-4 with an adult
=> Scouts - pairs (or perhaps 3 if there are younger scouts)

Brief them on the activity. If these are novice navigators keep each exercise short so you can brief them on a skill and then use the activity to demonstrate proficiency.

Safety Briefing
- Boundaries/Cross no roads
- Stay together
- Duration of the activity
- Contact information - if they need help, get lost

See our Navigation Skills pages for more info.

Start the Activity

Once skill training and safety briefing are complete, you can start each team.

If using MapRun, inspect the phones to make sure the correct activity is loaded and tell them to press Go to Start.

As they approach the start location, their phone will beep and announce that control S1 is punched.

After the Event

As teams finish...

Using your paper log/register, log them back in. Make sure that all members of the team have returned.

MapRun provides Instant Results

As teams finish, their results are uploaded onto our server. Note that the list of results displayed will be all people that have completed the same course - so you can see how you performed compared to other Scout Troops and families.

Understand why people make navigation errors
Discuss how these could be avoided in future

How did you do? The results page lists everybody that has done this course. It shows which controls they visited, how long they took, how far they walked/ran and their walking/running pace.

See where you went!

If you press the Track link next to a team, MapRun will show you where that team went and which controls they visited.

Studying the tracks of those that did well is a great way to learn how to plan your route and navigate around a course.


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