Scout Adventure Racing

What is it? Who can take part?

How much does it cost?

Scout Adventure Racing is based on the popular sport of orienteering and provides walking, running and navigational training to Scouts, their parents and any other members of the public that want to come along and join in.

Events are held in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne - on Tuesday evenings - during the daylight savings period (October to March).

You can...

Events are both safe and enjoyable - offering challenges to both the beginning navigator and to the experienced orienteer. If you can walk or run for 30-60 minutes, then come along and join us; bring the kids or the family dog - they can enjoy the Melbourne outdoors too.

If you'd like to take part, just come to any of the events below - please arrive at 6:30 pm so we can brief you.

Scouts, guides and kids with an adult enter free of charge.

Adults - first event : Initial $7 fee per Adult provides...

  • VRA membership (see below)
  • Public liability insurance for one year
  • eTag rental (for the season)
  • Entry cost

Subsequent events $2 per adult (kids free)

Where are these events held?  See Mike Clarke's most excellent map of scout map locations and coming events - if you'd like to use one of our maps, check out our download page below.


Planning to Bring your troop/pack
to one of our events?

Leaders - if you plan to bring your group to one of our events, please let us know in advance:
  • This information sheet can be updated by you and given to youth members
  • This attendee sheet allows you to give us the names of those attending. If you wish to attend, it is critical that you complete this sheet and send it to us by the Sunday before the event.

If you need help with or information about navigational training, orienteering/adventure racing, please feel to contact us via email at [email protected] or call us on (03) 9888 8121


Event Date Suburb Start Location Results/Report
15 23 Jan Blackburn North Scout hall, North end of Koonung Road

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14 16 Jan Ringwood Lake Bedford Park - Guide Hall

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13 9 Jan Westerfolds Park Car park, Northern end of Westerfolds Park

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12 2 Jan Yarran Dheran Schwerkolt Cottage, Deep Creek Road, Mitcham

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11 26 Dec Damper Creek Federal Reserve

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10 19 Dec Blackburn Lake Parkland opposite Regis Retirement Home

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9 12 Dec Surrey Hills Chalet Car Park, Wattle Park

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8 5 Dec Vermont South 5th Vermont Guide Hall, Stephens Reserve

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7 28 Nov Waverley Valley Valley Reserve, Mount Waverley

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6 21 Nov Glen Iris 1st Glen Iris Scout Hall, Ferndale Park

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5 14 Nov Forest Hill Mahoneys Reserve

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4 7 Nov Glen Waverley Scout Hall, Napier Reserve

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3 31 Oct  Doncaster East 3rd Doncaster East Scout Hall, Zerbes Reserve

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2 24 Oct Mitcham Scout Hall, Purches Street

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1 17 Oct Nunawading Scout Hall,Beryl Street

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Coming Events

Date Group Start Location Suburb Melway
30-Jan Tally Ho NW Corner of Burwood Reserve - next to tennis courts East Burwood 62 B7
06-Feb 1st Doncaster East Ruffey's Lake - West side of Victoria St. Doncaster East 33 J10
13-Feb Heathmont Scouts Dandenong Creek. Scout Hall - 14a Barrow Drive {NEW MAP} Heathmont 64 A3
20-Feb 1st West Waverley Fairway Reserve - enter from Fairway Avenue  {NEW MAP} Mount Waverley 70 E5
27-Feb 3rd Templestowe Finns Reserve Templestowe 33 B4
06-Mar Lynden Park Lynden Park, Middle Camberwell {NEW MAP} Middle Camberwell 60 E4
13-Mar 9th Box Hill Scout Hall- enter via Rotary Court Box Hill South 61 C3
20-Mar Hudson's House 16 Fowler Street - supper/presentations Box Hill South 61 B2


Event Date Suburb Start Location Results/Report
24 21 March Box Hill South Chateau Hudson

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23 14 March Vermont 5th Vermont Guide Hall, Nunkeri Street, Vermont

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22 7 March Forest Hill 1st Tally Ho Scout Group, Mahoney's reserve, Forest Hill

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21 28 Feb Blackburn Lake 1/8 Blackburn Lake Scout Group

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20 21 Feb Valley Reserve, Mount Waverley Waverley Valley Scout Hall at the North end of Valley Reserve

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Can't Make it to any of our Events?

There are street orienteering events in Melbourne most nights of the week - and some on Saturdays and Sundays. These events use basic black and white maps and manual punching, but they're worthwhile if you want to get an extra run or two in each week. These events cater for all levels - from social walkers up to top runners. If you can't make it on a Tuesday Night, see for other running opportunities.

The Victorian Rogaining Association

The activities that we provide to local youth organisations could not be provided without support from the Victorian Rogaining Association (the VRA). When we first approached them for assistance with our series, their immediate response was "We've already got close relationships with the Scout Association and like what you're doing with them in the Eastern suburbs. How can we help?"

Rogaining by its nature is focussed on families and kids - it's a team that allows Mum and Dad to participate with their help with the navigational challenge and share in the enjoyment. If you're looking for a family activity that will take you to many wonderful places in Victoria, look no further.

What is Rogaining?

  • It's a navigational sport offering a wide range of activities - a natural choice for those interested in bushwalking, camping or outdoor activities

  • Unlike orienteering/cross-country running, it's a team activity - your team or family participate in this shared activity together

  • It's highly social - the VRA catering provided at every event is renowned - all included in your event entry fee!

  • No expensive membership fees - the VRA recently abolished annual membership fees and uses a percentage of your entry fee to cover organisational costs

  • It's great value for money - why drive out into the country and pay $20-30 for a 45 minute run....when you can pay the same for an activity that

    • Offers a 6-8 hour adventure that takes you to places that few other Victorians get to see

    • Provides a fabulous meal at the end of the event

    • Offers camping facilities at most events - so people can arrive early or stay after the event

Our suburban adventure racing events provide a terrific introduction to basic navigational skills on purpose-built maps - rogaining takes it to the next level - practical navigation on real-world maps. If you'd like to know more, visit the VRA website at

Resources for Scout Groups and the Local Community

Our download page provides access to more information - and to High-Res copies of all of our maps. You can use these to run your own events/activities. If you do this, we'd love to hear about it - please send us an email with some information about your event and how it went. Others may be able to benefit from your experience!

Interested in Orienteering?

The folks at Emus Orienteering Club have provided terrific support to get our Adventure Racing Series up and going. If you're interested in taking part in these or other orienteering events in Melbourne then join Emus Orienteering Club now - the folks there will be only too happy to help you take part in your first suburban orienteering adventure. Known as Nillumbik Emus in the wider orienteering community, the club is also very active in bush orienteering and mountain-bike orienteering.

Membership is only $5 per household per year. Join now and let us introduce you to this exciting sport! Your membership of the club entitles you to:

  • Regular online newsletters about club activities and orienteering in Victoria

  • Club websites; that provide access to event reports, training material and details of social activities run by the club

  • Training; the club has 6-8 qualified coaches and provides mentoring/coaching to new members

  • Subsidised running gear; it's great to be a member of a team - and running in one of our distinctive tops immediately identifies you as a member of the team. A casual greeting, a friendly wave as you approach another runner - they all build camaraderie that makes participation even more enjoyable

But most importantly, membership provides you with a group of friendly people that you can meet as you begin your orienteering career. It also allows you to pitch in and help us as we run events; there's no better way to get to know people than to work alongside them to make events fun for all.

If you'd like more details, please contact us on [email protected] or call (at reasonable hours) on (03) 9888 8121.

...or perhaps Adventure Racing?

We're joined on a regular basis by Serge and Maria from Adventure Junkie. They run a terrific series of beginner and advanced adventure races. If you'd like to try something a little more challenging or take part in cycling or kayaking, why not check out their website at

Earlier Events - results, reports and pictures


Last Season

*New* Overall Scores for the last season are available here

Event Date Summary Results/Report
24 25 March Mont Albert North - our final event for this season. Thanks to everybody that helped make the series such an incredible success - and thanks to everybody that came along to take part.

See our Archive Files for details of earlier events.

Oxfam Adventure - Results

See  Full Report with Pictures