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Event 9:  Napier Park, Glen Waverley

Event Open from Sunday 28th March - Sunday 4th April


Download a copy of the map - Click Here

This area is very complex; use a colour map.


Load event into MapRun

On your phone, Start MapRunF (If not, see MapRun pages)
Press Select Event
Navigate to Victoria > RunFree >SAR and
select one of the following events:
    Napier Park - Junior - 28-03-2021 PXAS ScoreV60
    Napier Park - Walk - 28-03-2021 PXAS ScoreV60
    Napier Park - Run - 28-03-2021 PXAS ScoreV60
    Napier Park - Bike - 28-03-2021 PXAS ScoreV60
          Travel to the start location
          Press Events Near me and pick one of the above


Start Location

Enter Napier Park from High Street Road - the Scout Hall carpark is the 1st building that you see.
Press Go to Start
The start location is the South-Eastern side of the shade/shelter.
If in doubt, look at the screen - you are the little red dot.


Don't Forget

Wear comfortable shoes/clothes for walking/running
Take water if hot
Read the safety instructions on the map
Stay out of long grass
Cross creek at bridges only
Be Covid-Safe - follow Government Regulations

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