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How does it Work?

Download free maps and the activity associated with them.
Get outdoors, have fun and then let others know how you did.

Pick a Challenge near you 

We have provided maps and courses in lots of areas in Melbourne.  Pick one near you, one that looks interesting or one that looks fun.

Download the Selected Map

Once you've selected a map/challenge, just download a PDF copy of the map. Then print it yourself or take it to Officeworks (B&W 10 cents, colour 70 cents). 


Run or Walk the Course

Head to the start location - shown on the map as a triangle. When ready, load our app (MapRunx) on your smartphone and get going. Go fast or take the scenic route - your choice!

Upload your Result

The app that we use to track your progress around the course is called MapRun. You can load any of our courses into MapRun and then use it to upload your result when you finish. See our MapRun Page for more information.

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