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Organising an Activity

Spend a few hours in a local park with your kids
Organise a picnic or BBQ with friends and their families
Use our maps/courses to provide an activity

Pick your Map

Most of our courses are in parks so they're mainly suitable for daylight saving periods or weekend activities during Winter.

Choose a map near you or perhaps one that you haven't been to before. We provide an information page about each map - and we'll try to include things like shelters, BBQs, toilets etc to help your planning.

Pick your Course

Most of our maps have 4 courses - a Junior course, Adult Walk and Run courses and a Bike course. Adults accompanying children should probably use the Junior course.

All of our courses are score courses - get as many as you can in a specified time. That way you can do as much, or as little, as you choose.

Invite your Friends


Head to the Park


Load the Event


Enjoy the Run


Compare Results


Use the map

Just go for a walk - introduce kids to basic skills - orient the map, identify symbols and the matching terrain feature, pace counting to measure distance

Treasure hunt

MapRun provides feedback - children love the beep

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