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Thinking about bringing your mob, pack, troop or crew along? All the information you need to do this, is here.


Thinking about coming along to one of our events? Everything you need to know for your first event is here.


A one stop landing page for regular attendees - rapid access to results, coming events and all sorts of other useful material.

useful resources

Interested - but can't make it to an event? Why not check out our maps, pre-planned activities and made-up kits that you can borrow for one of your troop nights.

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about rogaining

The activity we provide is a mini-rogaine - sponsored by the Victorian Rogaining Association. Click the icon to learn more about rogaining.

who's who 

Want to know who that person is that beat you in the scores? No problem, just check out our Suburban Adventure Racing Who's Who. 


Applications, files etc that may be of interest to you -particularly to youth leaders and parents interested in teaching kids about maps.

lost property

Left something behind? If it was last week, then get in touch. If it hangs around for a while, we put a picture up here. Click on the icon to see what we've got in the Lost and Found box.

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There is a huge amount of information on the net - much of it confusing. We've picked out some of the best links for you. Just click on the icon above.


None of what we do would be possible without the generous support of these people. If you're thinking of being involved in navigation sports, check these folks out.